Wednesday, March 25, 2015

the pink tints

The hints of pink  in the sky 
when dawn breaks ; you feel so refreshed  and sigh with relief;
the proper way  to start the morning is that way it leaves you

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

what happened #Death

      Death has been on my mind lately and  With the passing on of my Grandpa.
                       I wrote this poem  

THE waves of the ocean  roll in dragging the girl
deeper into  the lulling mess
like its saying " hey pretty lady come here"
the girl struggles as the waves cover her soon 
their is no girl only a soul floating up 
to  the heavens.  


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Poem called Pretty Boy

                                                   Pretty boy
                             standing a far holding roses by my favorite car ; smiling that smile
                            you can see from a far      
                              you make my day every day ; your the pretty standing a far
                                  you pour  peace into my soul   with your pretty smile and dreamy eyes
I feel peace when you are near , you show me the way which has never been clearer

Friday, March 6, 2015


My  Grand Father passed away Yesterday from a Heart-attack. He has had three heart -attacks , a flesh eating  thing , cancer (that he had cut out of his arm)  and  some thing in his Lungs. He had had come from Yuma City  to San Diego he was  delivering a lot of  Crab Pots. Harvey Calvin   Griggs
Died in his Travel Trailer in San Diego on March 5, 2015 .  He felt no pain in thirty Seconds, he was gone. My grandma  thought she was having a heart -attack , she went to the hospital she is currently in IcU  and she won't be back home for two weeks.

R.I.P Grandpa you will be missed.  I love you!!!