Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Performance

The Winter performance   was amazing .

If I could do anything better it would be  studying my lines better,even though  I feel I did a good job on them ,I could have worked a lot harder .

here is a picture of the guys who worked really hard in this play
  the are being there silly selves 

In the middle in the gray   we have Tristan Ford who was the lead in the play as Alex Diver 
Behind him we have Mason Wood who played Goosebreath Moosejaw 
next to Mason is Shaun Abbey who played the Mayor 
in the purple we have Devon Wellington who played the Kid 
in The red Is Nick Boreden who played Jake the bartender  
and Isaac West who played Sargent Mullray 

The ladies are 

Kaitlyn Nord who played the Television announcer 
Sophia Strong who played The lady in Green 
and Whitney Hodge Who played Lois the receptionist    

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