Thursday, October 15, 2015


Nothing can make me more safe;
your smile;
your touch ;
the way you tell me you love me even when I don't deserve it;
your my safety net;
you make me safe ;
when your brown dances a crossed my blue eyes I can sense safety;
I feel safe ;
I am safe ;

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I thought I knew you;
I feel like I was ditched;
Am I bad person?
My thoughts ramble like a train on the train tracks;
My thoughts will never be Ditched;
I just thought I knew you;
Maybe its just in my thoughts

Red Lighter

A box of clothes
Some written notes   
Is all I have left now
He closed the door
No turning back
This time it is clear now
Forgotten words and hopeless hurt
All left in the past now
Maybe it's for the best
I'll call it an angel's test
My heart has no fear now

But you'll always be a part of me
And I got this red lighter, now and there ain't no going back 

All these sparks are driving me insane
The memory of your eyes hide in this flame
You can't take any of that away
We let it burn out, we're caught in the rain

Even after the storm, the clouds are reborn but it's never been wetter
It must have been fate, two hearts didn't break, it's gotta get better
I'll keep these thoughts alive inside to remind me whenever
I'm down and out, I'll think about when you said forever

And you'll always be a part of me
Cause I got this red lighter, red lighter
Got this red lighter, red lighter

Friday, September 25, 2015


I felt my heart pound when I am around you ;
you create the butterflies;
you make my heartt beat like no other;
I seee you in the halls and I go from a zombie to A smile;
your my Insperation;
your my heartbeat;
My heart beats like a rapp Line;
 heart beat  ;

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The friend

we can talk about random stuff;
you let me be me without judgement;
We can talk about the weird stuff;
you exept me ;
I exept you;
your there with me when I need you;
you care;

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Your Texts

I smile at your texts;
I text you for advice;
you point out the things I don't notice;
The guys point of view;
I am glad we met;
you and I were close;
I thought at least;
I leaned on you for help;
I came crashing down;
I still smile at your texts;
your outta my league;
I still text you for advice;
I used to text you:
now its just awkward;
bye now;

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Socks ( God is the socks)

I wear his socks proudly on my feet; 
Knowing that on day he give, great  destiny ;
We may have Been through, but being apart , we grew and grew ;

Accepting And knowing that the relationship was fake was for the better; because today we live on and never accomplish what we know; 

Great destiny is what we know and following are dreams to and afar; today we see. Life in different places and we know what we know now; 

Standing in the place we stood before at school , bickering because of a child antic;
We are far and far away from each other ; 

And I stand in the socks knowing great destiny is upon us; 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Fathers Day!

From the beginning
you been there:
you help me a lot;
we get down and dirty with cars;

I get to celebrate your day!
you taught me to ride a bike;
how to deal with the world;
Dad I love you!
your more then a girl can ask for;
you help me with to much;
I love you a lot ;
my actions don't show sometimes;
you have your moments when you have to stick it hard;
I complain;
I love you though;
your very hard to explain in words of how much I love you!

Happy Fathers day!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015


I dedicate this to my teacher Ms.Millsap.
She  is an amazing teacher and she does a lot at
our school. I thank-you for being a great teacher.

I reached for the  hand out stretched to save me ;
 but I missed ;
I am slipping , I can't catch myself; 
the air rushed to my head faster then ever; 
I try not to panic, but how do you not panic?  
I am falling and I wish  the hand would stretch out farther;
I am slipping ;

sunflowers population

Butterflies flutter around me ;
The sun shine down  upon me ;
nothing can escape from my mind now;
every second I am in the field of sunflowers
new life is coming;
The field of sunflowers engulf me and I get immersed in the
sunflower population;
I stand tall with the sunflowers trying to be one with them;
they are the sunflower population; 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

over you

I write the words to say I am done and over you ;
I am not looking for the forgiveness, I have been 
worried and missing you for a while ;
the heart that longed for you is covered ;
the ashes from it are buried in the cemetery of never ending ;
I wish the amnesia would rise from the smoke and wash over me
we had good times;
but they have died; 
I am over and done

Friday, May 22, 2015

I am

the glossy wood in the kitchen that gives amnesia ; 
I am the strength that gives me lasted and forever hope ;
I have no time limit , my mind runs like a river;
they have no secrets; The color I am is a vibrant blue ; 
I am a no partner required partner in the poetry world;
my musical instrument is the violin that dances down the neck of it ;
my song is the  glorious song that I dive into and find the comfort and positive wins into the bridge of 
hope ; This is who I am 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

the ashes that were once something

The remains of this happens to remain in front of me ;
you look down and the memories rush back knocking you into the terrible thing you 
happen to call my life; 
the life you once had is now in ashes and hurt and wounded 
people lay there;
what have I done I am  called the heartless? 
the ashes that were once lived lay there to remind you of what 
once was ; 
the people that lay I once called them my family;
they are the ashes that were spread for the whole world to 
they are the ashes I once called something; 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I understand

I understand the way  you feel about me 
I know I am a constant fly on  the wall buzzing around you ; 
I understand the feeling that I feel won't relate to  you ; 
can't we just try and get along  or am I just a ghost in the world to you ?
when you smile its like a vibrant light from the sun glowing off you perfect teeth;
I am  I the person you just can't keep? I messed up, by relationship, friendship and you;
I understand that we are from two different world;  
I understand  everything that I have done was a mistake 
I understand  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

two creative

two creative things that really are very true

Monday, May 4, 2015

the eyes that made me cry

the eyes that were once warm and friendly , turned to cold
hard hatred ; 
when I used to see you  the vibrate eyes , so clear ; 
never crossing that path to come ;
tied between two worlds ; the eyes that made me cry ,is the 
cold part  I see everyday ; it hurts , its clear for the better  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


your like a picture so crystal clear ; 
you comfort me as tears roll down my cheeks : 
you are in my dreams  , I wake up  crying ;  my heart is breaking you 
were special  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

the pink tints

The hints of pink  in the sky 
when dawn breaks ; you feel so refreshed  and sigh with relief;
the proper way  to start the morning is that way it leaves you

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

what happened #Death

      Death has been on my mind lately and  With the passing on of my Grandpa.
                       I wrote this poem  

THE waves of the ocean  roll in dragging the girl
deeper into  the lulling mess
like its saying " hey pretty lady come here"
the girl struggles as the waves cover her soon 
their is no girl only a soul floating up 
to  the heavens.  


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Poem called Pretty Boy

                                                   Pretty boy
                             standing a far holding roses by my favorite car ; smiling that smile
                            you can see from a far      
                              you make my day every day ; your the pretty standing a far
                                  you pour  peace into my soul   with your pretty smile and dreamy eyes
I feel peace when you are near , you show me the way which has never been clearer

Friday, March 6, 2015


My  Grand Father passed away Yesterday from a Heart-attack. He has had three heart -attacks , a flesh eating  thing , cancer (that he had cut out of his arm)  and  some thing in his Lungs. He had had come from Yuma City  to San Diego he was  delivering a lot of  Crab Pots. Harvey Calvin   Griggs
Died in his Travel Trailer in San Diego on March 5, 2015 .  He felt no pain in thirty Seconds, he was gone. My grandma  thought she was having a heart -attack , she went to the hospital she is currently in IcU  and she won't be back home for two weeks.

R.I.P Grandpa you will be missed.  I love you!!!  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Finals are here for us at Sixrivers charter school

The time is here its finals are here!!!  

how not exciting , grades are coming and the school is buzzing getting ready for  Finals.
Its thursday and we are into are second day of it .   Its  4th period math next right now I am in study  skills
oh yeah , Its not my favorite class but I can work on what I need to .

Everyone is Quit in Study Skills , but then again I am plugged in with the song Space Bound by Eminien  playing. My day is going pretty good. I am working on my P.E log for school and I love it.!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Performance

The Winter performance   was amazing .

If I could do anything better it would be  studying my lines better,even though  I feel I did a good job on them ,I could have worked a lot harder .

here is a picture of the guys who worked really hard in this play
  the are being there silly selves 

In the middle in the gray   we have Tristan Ford who was the lead in the play as Alex Diver 
Behind him we have Mason Wood who played Goosebreath Moosejaw 
next to Mason is Shaun Abbey who played the Mayor 
in the purple we have Devon Wellington who played the Kid 
in The red Is Nick Boreden who played Jake the bartender  
and Isaac West who played Sargent Mullray 

The ladies are 

Kaitlyn Nord who played the Television announcer 
Sophia Strong who played The lady in Green 
and Whitney Hodge Who played Lois the receptionist