Thursday, October 15, 2015


Nothing can make me more safe;
your smile;
your touch ;
the way you tell me you love me even when I don't deserve it;
your my safety net;
you make me safe ;
when your brown dances a crossed my blue eyes I can sense safety;
I feel safe ;
I am safe ;

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I thought I knew you;
I feel like I was ditched;
Am I bad person?
My thoughts ramble like a train on the train tracks;
My thoughts will never be Ditched;
I just thought I knew you;
Maybe its just in my thoughts

Red Lighter

A box of clothes
Some written notes   
Is all I have left now
He closed the door
No turning back
This time it is clear now
Forgotten words and hopeless hurt
All left in the past now
Maybe it's for the best
I'll call it an angel's test
My heart has no fear now

But you'll always be a part of me
And I got this red lighter, now and there ain't no going back 

All these sparks are driving me insane
The memory of your eyes hide in this flame
You can't take any of that away
We let it burn out, we're caught in the rain

Even after the storm, the clouds are reborn but it's never been wetter
It must have been fate, two hearts didn't break, it's gotta get better
I'll keep these thoughts alive inside to remind me whenever
I'm down and out, I'll think about when you said forever

And you'll always be a part of me
Cause I got this red lighter, red lighter
Got this red lighter, red lighter

Friday, September 25, 2015


I felt my heart pound when I am around you ;
you create the butterflies;
you make my heartt beat like no other;
I seee you in the halls and I go from a zombie to A smile;
your my Insperation;
your my heartbeat;
My heart beats like a rapp Line;
 heart beat  ;

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The friend

we can talk about random stuff;
you let me be me without judgement;
We can talk about the weird stuff;
you exept me ;
I exept you;
your there with me when I need you;
you care;

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Your Texts

I smile at your texts;
I text you for advice;
you point out the things I don't notice;
The guys point of view;
I am glad we met;
you and I were close;
I thought at least;
I leaned on you for help;
I came crashing down;
I still smile at your texts;
your outta my league;
I still text you for advice;
I used to text you:
now its just awkward;
bye now;

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Socks ( God is the socks)

I wear his socks proudly on my feet; 
Knowing that on day he give, great  destiny ;
We may have Been through, but being apart , we grew and grew ;

Accepting And knowing that the relationship was fake was for the better; because today we live on and never accomplish what we know; 

Great destiny is what we know and following are dreams to and afar; today we see. Life in different places and we know what we know now; 

Standing in the place we stood before at school , bickering because of a child antic;
We are far and far away from each other ; 

And I stand in the socks knowing great destiny is upon us;